A Little Brush With Death

((This is a story I'd like to eventually expand and explore in more depth. But for now, I hope you enjoy this odd little one shot. It has an interesting personification of Death, coffee, and maybe even a mind-blowing beat box solo to the chorus of "Highway to Hell". What more can you ask for … Continue reading A Little Brush With Death

The Road To Hell (Issa & the Gang, Ch. 2)

Here's Chapter Two of the currently untitled book featuring everyone's favorite Firebird driving, foul-mouthed Egyptian sorceress and necromancer, Issa, with her friends, Ron, the perpetually drunk Arthurian knight, and V, the ever-bored, slightly spacey reincarnated Hindu goddess. Just three good pals looking for Death and finding out that the road to Hell is actually paved … Continue reading The Road To Hell (Issa & the Gang, Ch. 2)