Smoke and Mirrors (#photostoryprompt 6/7/19)

photostorychallengeroom (Photo by Radina Valova @radinavalova, host of #PhotoStoryPrompt)

Issa, V, and Ron are at it again. A micro story written for the aforementioned Twitter prompt featuring our favorite Death-hunting trio, a sleazy Dionysus, and pants-less tree hugging.


“What’s this room for?”

Ron made a sloppy gesture at the elegant hall, drizzling vodka onto the glistening floors.

“We use it for entertaining,” Dionysus said, a slimy smile smeared across his face. “Some of my guests have very particular… tastes. It sets quite a mood, don’t you think? Remember, I told you I bring fantasies to life here.”

Issa gave the room a squinty-eyed scan before scoffing, unimpressed.

“So what? People dress up in fancy clothes, sip cheap wine you’ll swear has been aging since the fall of the Titans, and spank each other with Plato’s Symposium or something? Pass.”

“He may be onto something,” Ron slurred. “I went to a fancy party once. Met the loveliest forest nymph and we had a wild romp in the coat closet, on all the expensive coats.”

He paused with an obnoxious slurp from the fluorescent pink krazy straw loop-de-looping out of his liquor.

“Turns out she was actually a ficus tree. A very naughty ficus tree.”

“So what else is down this hall?” Issa asked Dionysus, hoping to prevent Ron from continuing his story.

V, who was vacantly gazing at one of the paintings, answered instead.

“It’s all smoke and mirrors.”

“This is all an illusion?!” Ron sputtered, gawking at their host. “Does your sex wizardry know no limits, man?”

The cigar perched in the corner of Dionysus’ mouth twitched as his smarmy grin wavered.

“It’s literally smoke and mirrors. Down the hall, there’s a room full of mirrors that you smoke weed in.”

“Ohhh…” Ron and Issa said in harmonized, awestruck unison.

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