The Witch’s Bones (#PhotoStoryChallenge 6/31/18)

(Photo by Radina Valova @RadinaValova, #photostorychallenge host) ((For this challenge, I used two of the main characters from my YA/NA dark fantasy book, currently titled "The Weeping City", that I will be writing next year. I'm still pretty new to writing YA/NA but if you enjoy African lore and high fantasy, this may be something … Continue reading The Witch’s Bones (#PhotoStoryChallenge 6/31/18)


In A World Of Pure Procrastination

I’m not very good at introducing myself. You’d think that since I consider myself something of a writer that writing an introduction would be easier but nope. Still awkward. It’s like standing in front of an audience that I know is there but can’t see while I awkwardly hold up my blog like Rafiki lifting … Continue reading In A World Of Pure Procrastination